Saturday 28 March 2015

Tutorial & FAQ

A full tutorial is coming soon - please check back shortly

ThreatCrowd is a system for finding and researching artefacts relating to cyber threats.

You can view a short tutorial at


Right click items on the graph to pivot.
Zoom zoom in-and-out with the mouse wheel

Please click here for a brief video tutorial on using the ThreatCrowd Maltego transforms

Operational Security
As with any other tool, please do not post any confidential information to ThreatCrowd and consider if your actions may be noticed by threats.

Without the data ThreatCrowd would be an empty shell. Data is crawled from a number of sites, and a particular thanks goes to the VirusTotal Public API , , and a host of other sites that information is crawled from.

If you would like any data removed, please email / ban the ThreatCrowd user agent (recently updated) / update robots.txt.

If you have any suggestions or queries, please contact me at either @chrisdoman or

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